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Accommodation for the Elderly - Johannesburg, Gauteng

The German Seniors Residence is an old age home in Johannesburg, Gauteng offering a choice of comfortable living accommodation for the elderly. Set in tranquil green and blossoming gardens you will enjoy private and sheltered accommodation suitable to your level of independence. The home is open to all nationalities and religions.

Rented Accommodation for the Elderly

Independent living in a secure and comfortable environmentMost of the rooms are North facing with either a sunny veranda or a small private garden. You don't need to worry about the maintenance of the gardens as this is taken care of. You can choose between independent living in the cottages through to a single room flat. 24 hour frail care is also available.

The German Seniors Residence has the feel of a family home. Lots of entertainment, visits from your own family and the possibility of making new friendships will ensure you never feel lonely. Our experienced and friendly staff treat all our residents with loving care and respect.

Walking in the gardens of the German Old Age HomeContact the German Seniors Residence today. Moving to an old age home while you are still semi-independent means you have time to make new friends at the home and still enjoy visits from friends and family.

Sheltered Accommodation for the Elderly

You will feel safe and secure in the sheltered accommodation of the German Seniors Residence. Full-time guards and excellent security have kept the home incident free for over 5 years.

All residents living in the cottages and flats carry a panic button to alert frail care if help is needed due to a fall (for example).

24 Hour Frail Care at the German Seniors Residence

Frail care at the German Old Age HomeOur frail care residents are treated with care and understanding. Classical music is played throughout the day to create a peaceful environment. Once a month the frail care residents enjoy dog therapy. The frail care section practices the hospice principles of palliative care.

Depending on the needs of the resident, either 24 hour care or night care only is provided.

Contact the German Seniors Residence today and find out more about how you can help your loved one.

Affordable Options

Affordable Accommodation Options The German Seniors Residence has a variety of options to suit your budget.

Affordable accommodation for pensioners

Caring Environment

A caring home giving you many benefits - hair stylist, coffee shop, pastoral visits, shopping.

Activities for the Elderly
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